Wednesday, 27 April 2011


This  is what someone had promise to me

my heart,world,life,laught,love,soul and smile
are always for you today,now and forever!
trust God and embrace His love
through Him we are one
i adore you and i'm lucky to know a girl like you in my life..

i'm yours forever,only you that i want
i'll wait for you
i'm yours forever,will never lose hope on waiting until the time that 
you are mine..

i'll never feel like this before
you give me something that i never had before
trust me my love is more than love
i'll never feel like this before
if not you are the one who show me this feelings
and god i will prove it for you..

you are the only one for me
i'll keep on waiting until the day you are mine..

1 comment:

  1. NONSENSE?? u write like u live in the future babe... like u already know what will and gonna happen.. =) chill peace